Issue 2 - October 2013

Welcome to this issue of The Journal of Applied Instructional Design.

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Guest Editorial.

Wilhelmina C. Savenye, Associate Editor

Malala Yousafzai: A Voice Worth Hearing

Don G. Robison, Production Editor

SUCCESS in Engineering Education: Applying an ID Motivational Framework to Promote Engagement and Innovation.

Patricia Hardre and Zahed Siddique

Motivating e-Learners: Application of the ARCS Model to e-Learning for Sand Diego Zoo Global’s Animal Care Professionals.

James Marshall and Matthew Wilson

Applying Case-based Reasoning Theory to Support Problem-based Learning.

Andrew A. Tawfik and C. Wayne Keene

The Motivational Design of Instructional Simulations.

Don G. Robison and Ginger S. Watson

A Needs Assessment of Online Courses in Blackboard for Undergraduate Students.

Kangdon Lee, Joseph Marler, Mark Savignano, and Deborah Genet

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