Issue 3 - December 2013

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Editor’s Notes.

Leslie Moller, Editor

Development of an Interactive Multimedia Instructional Module.

Florence Martin, O. Jerome Haskins, Robin Brooks, and Tara Bennett

Overt and Covert Instructor Interaction and Student Participation in Asynchronous Online Debates

Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers, Joyce M. Guest, and W. Darlene Bush

A Formative Evaluation of the Balance of Power Game and Curriculum.

Carrie Lewis, Jason Lancaster, Wilhelmina Savenye, and Nancy Haas.

Expanding Assessment Practices with Educational Videogames

Steven J.  Zuiker

Book Review…   Learning Matters: The Transformation of U.S. Higher Education

Kim C. Huett

INTERACTIVE BLOG:  For the Love of Instructional Design: An Essay

by Leslie Moller and Douglas M. Harvey

A View of Our Readers

by JAID Staff

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