Audiovision for Training Teachers of Nigerian Nomadic Children


Jack Koumi, Educational Media Production Training


In 2012 in Africa, access to the Internet was 26%, and 622 million people had no access to electricity. Yet there are very few low-tech initiatives aimed at bridging this E-learning divide. One such initiative, for Nigeria, was funded by the Commonwealth of Learning in 2011/12: in-service teacher training through Audiovision (visual materials, in a booklet, are customised to integrate with audio commentary). Six audiovision packages were designed and produced in 2011, and delivered to in-service teachers in six workshops in February  March, 2012. In each audio recording, the Audio Tutor (the narrator in the recording) introduces recorded parts of a Primary school lesson conducted by a master school teacher. Listeners are directed to view visual materials related to each part of the lesson. These materials consist of individual frames (similar to PowerPoint slides), of three types, (1) copies of the master school teacher’s teaching aids and blackboard work; (2) the master school teacher’s teaching techniques; (3) how the techniques help the pupils learn. The audio tutor invites the in-service teachers to reflect on the rationale for each teaching technique, as outlined in frames of type 2, then gives his/her own opinion of the rationale, outlined in the frames of type 3. The audiovision packages are truly composite, consisting of audio and visual materials reinforcing each other. This paper elaborates the many innovative design principles that are required for such packages to be pedagogically effective. The pre-penultimate section compares Audiovision with three other audiovisual technologies: PowerPoint, Interactive Multimedia Learning Objects Online and Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) and posits some advantages of Audiovision over IRI for teacher training. The paper concludes with two sections that summarise some lessons learned by the production team during the project – how to be more efficient and effective in the design and production of the materials and the workshops.

Keywords: Teacher training, Composite medium, Audio plus print materials, audio-image synergy, design principles.

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