Formative Research on the Goal-based Scenario Model Applied to Computer Delivery and Simulation.


Chung-Yuan Hsu, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

David Richard Moore, Ohio University


For this research, we created an instance of the Goal-based Scenario (GBS) model called Statistics Specialist. The Statistics Specialist application was designed to attempt to implement the parameters and recommended attributes of a GBS. Formative research (Reigeluth, 1999) was employed to investigate the designed instance by using think aloud interview, debrief (semi-structured) interview, and a focus group interview.  The result showed that a GBS might become a better instructional design model if improvements are made in these aspects: 1) provide worked examples, 2) employ small group work using open-ended questions, 3) provide detailed positive and negative feedback.

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Formative Research on the Goal-based scenario model applied to computer delivery and simulation

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