Top Ten Simple SEO Tips For Fashion Designers And Retailers

Here at luxtime if you own a fashion and a retail online business then these SEO tips should be followed to SEO your website.

The trend is important

It is important that you keep the trend in mind to research on the SEO keywords of the fashion designer website.

Long keywords

Instead of using short tail keywords use the long tail keywords because it lets you get a higher rank on the search engine.


The content that you post on your website should be fresh and up to date. If that is not so then no one would be interested in invest in your website and you would soon see that the traffic dies down. In the fashion industry, you want content that is trending.


The images used on your website are important in the fashion world. So make sure that the images that you use are stylish and dazzling and can stun the crowd.

Loading time

Users do not want to waste a lot of time for the content to load. If the content on your website is more then it will take longer for the website to load.

Unique content

The content should stand out and should be unique. This is important for a higher rank. Stellar content is what pays in the SEO world.

Cannibalization of keywords

This is when two or more pages contain the same keywords and the search engine starts to make them compete about which pages should rank higher. If you have pages with the same keywords then your own pages will start connecting with each other. This will affect visibility.

Divide into categorizing

Avoid keyword overlapping and this can be done by categorizing the products.

Track activity

Make use of the analytics tool that lets you track the activity of the users.

Link every page

Without hyperlinks or your website, you will never be found.