Does Sex Really Sell in Advertising in 2018?

This debate is doing the rounds too often now:

I have often heard people crying over advertisement s for things like pens and cars where the imagery is far removed from what the subject matter of the advertisement is!

A car ad showing a semi or fully nude woman for god’s sake!

Whoever in their senses go out in lingerie in a car? Well!

Precisely the point then!

If sexual imagery sells, then there is something that ought to be there in the ad that relates to it. For instance, I can fully understand the use of sexual imagery and appeal in a condom or a contraceptive ad or even an advertisement for lingerie but imagine it used for selling liquor and machines like the lawn mower or furniture pieces?

We are a generation that is being served sex on a platter:

The internet with its all-pervasiveness has brought the world closer and pornography can be downloaded with a slight push of a button without anyone to tell you anything. Why would the generation of today look out and notice sexual images selling products as lame as pieces of furniture when they can see what they want to on their screens in a matter of minutes?

Sexual imagery and sex toys:

I have seen this trend dying off thankfully of explicit images being used to sell sex toys. It is obvious that they are the products that are used in aiding a good bedroom experience but the product image, details and specifications are more important than a woman who is showing her deep neckline or a hand caressing a cleavage!

I have seen advertisements with social and impactful messages doing much better than the ones that employ cheap tactics as using overwhelming (read plastic) beautiful women and Adonis-like men to advertise lp remotely linked products. They only downsize the quality by projecting a cheap mindset. Today’s viewers are far more intelligent than what these dumb-wits think that they be!