How to Make Your Room Look More Grown Up

Have you looked around your room lately? Do you see things from your childhood still adorning your walls and shelves? Chances are you grew up but your room is still in the past. It could possibly be reflecting your childhood days, causing a mismatch between what stage you are in and the stage your room is in.

Just like how you would choose a modern bag here at LuxTime, based on your age and need, your room needs some revamping too, to look more grown up and less childish. Here is how you can make your room look grown up:

Get Rid Of It

Get rid of your childhood toys that could be still sitting on the shelves. If you had soft toys occupying more space on your bed than you, it is time to get rid of them and make the bed fit for an adult.


If you had attractive bright colors accentuating your room since you were a child, it is high time to change it to something more subtle and soft. A soft shade will make your room look grown up and classy


As you remove your childhood impressions from the room, you can add some adult impressions. Add a cork board to pin all your important cards and papers on. You can pin your plans, agendas, etc for a quick reference and a grown-up look


If you had a desk as a child, chances are there are stickers or scribbles on it. Get rid of the desk and get a more sophisticated desk. It need not be expensive, but it just should not look like it belongs to a kid.


Organize the room and make it look like it belongs to an adult. All adults are not organized and clean when it comes to their rooms. However, try to get rid of unwanted children’s things to avoid the room looking childish.