Top 5 Seo Tips Even Your Kids can Apply

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important factors when it comes to websites and businesses. Your business website will gain maximum popularity and maximum audience with very fewer efforts if you use the right tactics, like using proper keywords in your content. Experts in the SEO domain say that even though it sounds like very technical stuff, handling SEO is very easy and even the kids can use it efficiently. Here are some simple tips that you can use to master SEO basics.

1) Look for bankable keywords: When optimizing the websites it is important to use keywords that are closely related to your website topic, or that can help to pull your website on top when searched on various search engines. You can explore various niches and use it to add new sections to your blog or website to attract a new audience. Like for reaching the site of StarWalkKids you can use keywords like toddlers, toys, gifts etc.

2) See what people are looking for: There can be a variety of websites within your niche, use the queries from peoples search and see if you can update your blog or website to provide all the answers at a single place. See you people are searching on your internal search site and if your website is providing the required answers.

3) Make your site accessible for robots too: Your site will be famous only if people are able to reach it, so make it accessible not only for people but for search engines too. Keep the URL’s short and simple; make use of folders to keep it organized.

4) Keep your content organized: Make use of domains that can be used as your brand, complicated, awkward, hard to spell domain names can be confusing. Your blog is the main page where people get to know more about your site, so don’t load it up with irrelevant and too many ads.

5) Build your credibility: Once your site is up and running smoothly, keep working on making it more credible by collaborating with other experts. Take up opportunities to speak up in conferences related to your domain that can help you to reach new audiences.